Del Sarto, Ana, Alicia Ríos, Abril Trigo, eds. The Latin American Cultural Studies Reader. 2004

“The Latin American Cultural Studies Reader” brings together thirty-six field-defining essays by the most prominent theorists of Latin American cultural studies. Written over the past several decades, mostly in the 1980s and 1990s, these essays provide an assessment of Latin American cultural studies today, an account of the field’s historical formation, and an outline of its significant ideological and methodological trends and theoretical controversies. With many essays appearing in English for the first time, this collection offers a comprehensive view of the specific problems, topics, and methodologies that characterize Latin American cultural studies vis-a-vis British and U.S. cultural studies.Divided into sections preceded by brief introductory essays, this volume traces the complex development of Latin American cultural studies from its roots in literary criticism and the economic, social, political, and cultural transformations wrought by neoliberal policies in 1970s.

It tracks the impassioned debates within the field during the early 1990s; explores different theoretical trends, including studies of postcolonialism, the subaltern, and globalization; and reflects on the significance of Latin American cultural studies for cultural studies projects outside Latin America. Considering literature, nationalism, soccer, cinema, postcolonialism, the Zapatistas, community radio, and much more, “The Latin American Cultural Studies Reader” is an invaluable resource for all those who want to understand the past, present, and future of Latin American cultural studies.Contributors include: Hugo Achugar; Eduardo P. Archetti; John Beverley; Jose Joaquin Brunner; Nestor Garcia Canclini; Antonio Candido; Debra A.Castillo; Roman de la Campa; Ana Del Sarto; Juan Flores; Jean Franco; Adrian Gorelik; John Kraniauskas; Neil Larsen; Ana Lopez; Jesus Martin-Barbero; Francine Masiello; Daniel Mato; Walter Mignolo; Carlos Monsivais; Mabel Morana; Alberto Moreiras; Renata Ortiz; Antonio Cornejo Polar; Jose Rabasa; Angel Rama; Gustavo Remedi; Roberto Fernandez Retamar; Darcy Ribeiro; Nelly Richard; Alicia Rios; Beatrice Sarlo; Roberto Schwarz; Irene Silverblatt; Graciela Silvestri; Beatriz Gonzalez Stephan; Abril Trigo; and George Yudice. © 1998-2001, Inc. und Tochtergesellschaften

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Del Sarto, Ana, Alicia Ríos, Abril Trigo, eds. The Latin American Cultural Studies Reader. Duke UP, 2004

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