New issue of forum for inter-american research (fiar) / official journal of the International Association of Inter-American Studies

fiar Vol. 4 No. 2 (Nov 2011) – available online:

We are pleased to announce the latest issue of fiar, the official journal of the International Association of Inter-American Studies, is now online at

Indigenous America – América Indígina

Articles in Vol. 4.2:
Jonathan Hart (Alberta, Canada):
Haunted by Spain: The Past and Identities in English and French America

Barbara Buchenau (Bern, Switzerland):
Inventing Iroquoia? Migrating Tropes of Similarity and Heritage in Francophone Narratives of Colonial Possession

Guillaume Boccara (Paris, France) and Patricia Ayala (Antofagasta, Chile):
La nacionalización del indígena en tiempos de multiculturalismo neoliberal

(Jochen Kemner (Bielefeld, Germany):
Lobbying for Global Indigenous Rights: The World Council of Indigenous Peoples (1975-1997)

Video: Entrevista a Walter Prodencio Magne Veliz (Embajador Boliviano en Alemania)

Susanne Berthier-Foglar (Savoie, France):
Indigenous Claims and Uranium Mining on Mount Taylor, New Mexico, USA

Lívia Šavelková (Pardubice, Czech Republic):
Indigenous Peoples – Creating New “Borderlines“?

Érika Julieta Vázquez Flores (León, Mexico):
La Universidad Como Espacio De Creación Y Reflexión De La Educación Intercultural

Giorgio Mariani (Rome, Italy):
Negotiating Violence and Identity in Sherman Alexie’s Indian Killer

Please visit to view the full issue.

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