Adam, Thomas and Will Kauffman, eds. Germany and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History. 2005

From the medical discoveries of Dr. Johann Siegert, surgeon general to Simon Bolivar, to the amazing explorations of the early-19th-century German explorer Alexander von Humboldt, whose South American and Caribbean travels made him one of the most celebrated men in Europe, Germany and the Americas examines both the profound Germanic cultural and political legacy throughout the Americas and the lasting influence of American culture on the German-speaking world.

Ever since Baron von Steuben helped create George Washington’s army, German Americans have exhibited decisive leadership not only in the military, but also in politics, the arts, and business. Germany and the Americas charts the lasting links between the Germanic world and the nations of the Americas in a comprehensive survey featuring a chronology of key events spanning 400 years of transatlantic history. © 1998-2001, Inc. und Tochtergesellschaften

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Adam, Thomas and Will Kaufman (eds.). Germany and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History. Santa Barbara: ABC Clio, 2005.

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