Herrera-Sobek, María. Chicano Folklore: A Handbook. 2008

Chicanos and Chicanas, or Mexican Americans, are deeply rooted in the cultures of African, European, and Native American groups. This great tripartite cultural legacy is evident in such folklore genres as myths, tales, legends, jests, folksongs, folk theater, traditional customs, beliefs, medicine, games, and riddles. It also figures in Chicano culinary traditions, arts and crafts, and other areas of daily life. This book is a concise but thorough introduction to Chicano folklore. Written expressly for high school students and general readers, the volume classifies and defines Chicano folklore and provides background information on the historical contexts in which Chicanos have thrived. It also provides numerous examples and texts from various folklore genres and discusses the importance of Chicano folklore to literature and popular culture. In addition, it reviews scholarship and critical approaches and closes with a bibliography and glossary. This book will help students appreciate America’s cultural diversity as they learn about the fascinating traditions of this important ethnic group. © 1998-2001 Amazon.com, Inc. und Tochtergesellschaften

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Herrera-Sobek, María. Chicano Folklore: A Handbook. Westport: Greenwood, 2008.

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