A New Mixed Race Initiative

This initiative features:

-a special journal issue on mixed race, set to debut in Fall 2013, that will combine work by writers, scholars, artists, activists, and more; and

-an international multi-institution synchronous teaching program, to run in Fall 2013 and Spring 2014, with the special issue as a focal point and AALR as a virtual hub to connect all participating classrooms, providing a shared curriculum to draw from and various opportunities for cross-classroom exchange.

We’re very hopeful the end result will be a real, international, live-time, region to region to region conversation about race and mixed race. So far 51 classrooms at 47 different universities and colleges in seven countries have signed on to teach the special issue and take part in our coordinated teaching program, and we’re expecting many more. The prospect of over a thousand students and faculty (from a variety of classrooms, from mixed race studies to American studies, from cultural psychology to art history, from indigenous studies to literary studies) in direct dialogue is really exciting to us–we think the teaching program has the chance to create social and intellectual community and break important new ground as a transnational, cross-disciplinary digital education project.

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