Hornung, Alfred, ed. Intercultural America. 2007

This volume focuses on the intercultural constitution of the American continent, especially the interactions of indigenous native with European, African and Asian cultures in North America, from Puritanism to the 21st century. In an interdisciplinary dialogue of European and American critics, the contributions discuss immediate and long-range effects of intercultural encounters between settlers and ethnic groups, between immigrants and the Anglo-American mainstream society of the United States in literary, linguistic, architectural and visual expressions. The role of the media in the process of intercultural mediation as a specific feature of American culture is the topic of analyses of Ralph W. Emerson, American folk art, Irish drama, musicals, Bollywood films, and TV shows. ‘Intercultural America’ documents the need for a transnational form of American Studies. © 1998-2001 Amazon.com, Inc. und Tochtergesellschaften

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Hornung, Alfred (ed.). Intercultural America. Universitätsverlag Winter, 2007.

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