Call for Papers: Fifth World Conference of our partner association, the IASA

International American Studies Association (IASA)
5th World Conference
American Configurations – Configurações Americanas
July 27th – 29th 2011
Universidade Federal Fluminense
Gragoatá Campus, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

America with its multiple narratives, landscapes, languages, and experiences,_ projects itself in time like a mosaic in movement: a mosaic of cartographies imagined over time and_ projected in the descriptions of travelers and scientists, in fiction and poetry, in the discourses of politicians and_ activists, and in the images of photographers, artists, and filmmakers._ The 5th IASA World Conference proposes to be a space for debating how different communities form senses of Americanness, originating from places of knowledge, politics, art, memory, and_ lived experience, where a possible “America” may be configured. Possible foci include imagination and images, memory and community, geographies of power, time and Americanness, routes and ´scapes´, traditions in perspective and possible modernities.

Proposal Submission/ DEADLINE EXTENDED!!!
You are invited to submit proposals for either an individual presentation or a thematic panel, by JANUARY 20, 2011. For detailed information on submitting a proposal, please visit

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